About Us

The Phoenix Center for Healing, P.A., was founded in Miami Florida, in April of 2004 by Bob Hafner and Aida Reyes. The Phoenix Center arose out of a vision held by Bob and Aida, to see and experience a healthy society. The center was founded in order to provide profound healing for all who seek healthy relationships with others and themselves.

Bob Hafner is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Release Therapist. He has been practicing hypnotherapy for ten years. Bob has lead motivational workshops and trainings focusing on mental health and healing utilizing multiple approaches for the recovery of the true authentic self. Through the release of the feelings of emotional trauma caused by the troubled areas of one’s life, Bob utilizes “Dignity Therapy” in the integration of the mind, body, and spirit to facilitate wholeness and healing of the client. He also specializes in post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, addictions, anxiety disorders, stress management, and grief/loss issues.

Aida Reyes is a Licensed School Psychologist, and a certified clinical Hypnotherapist and Release Therapist. She has been practicing as an Educational Psychologist in California and Florida since 1984. She is a state certified Clinical Educator in Miami Dade County Public Schools and is an area supervisor for Clinical Hypnotherapist. Aida has facilitated powerful, motivational and dynamic trainings in small and large group settings focusing on personal effectiveness, self-discovery, healing, and leadership development. Aida has a private practice in Miami where she specializes in marriage therapy, trauma, grief work, and childhood abuse.

In the therapeutic process, both counselors together assist the client/group in discovering their deep core issues. This holistic approach combines multiple modalities such as cognitive behavioral therapy, neurolinguistic programming, guided imagery, and energy work. These powerful theraputic processes expedite the healing journey among individuals, as well as couples, for immediate positive changes and a greater sense of well being.

Bob Hafner and Aida Reyes